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I have been considering for quite some time to refinish my fireplace.  I have tile on there now and would like to go with Mountain Valley Blend Natural Stone from Kodiak Mountain Stone .  I am concerned that natural stone is too heavy and I have to reinforce my main floor; is this true?


Although Natural Stone is heavier than tiles or manufactured stone it is a great alternative. Many people think that Natural Sone is much heavier than the alternatives; but now with thin cut Veneer stone from suppliers such as Kodiak Mountain Stone; weights are much less than traditionally thought.  It used to be that solid full bed stone was the only thing you could install to give you a natural look; but with advances in stone technology; Natural Stone has been cut thinner and thinner and can be installed in the same manor as manufactured stone with it being actual Stone.

Each case is different depending on how much stone is being applied and the over all size and weight of the project.  There is also the preparation to consider for weight including the weight of a scratch coat and mortar and any other accessories added.  Surface preparation is always key including waterproofing(on exterior applications) as well as making sure the project can hold additional weights(floors walls etc).

Structural integrity should always be considered in any stone project and especially on older houses.  A rule of thumb with natural stone is about 2.5 times the weight of manufactured products(which is about 10 lbs/ sq ft).  We at Kodiak Mountain Stone have a broad range of natural thin veneer stone for your interior or exterior products.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.




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Stone can greatly enhance any space that it is used in.  In the past year we have seen stone used in kitchens, bathrooms, mancaves and wine cellars.  Simple projects are all around your home and can increase the value of your home significantly with a minimal investment.  Recently, we had some customers at our Calgary store do a simple purchase of $500 worth of stone to do a fireplace.  They approached the project themselves and created a magnificent show piece in their living room that everyone who saw it, appreciated it.  They had an appraisal redone from shortly before and it increased the appraised value of their home $5000.00.

Watermarked Pic 3

Stone demand has gone way up for manufactured stone.  With the varied selection, different sectors have also jumped on board including landscaping, general construction, residences, interior decorating and of course masons.  All enjoy using custom stone in a variety of ways both commercially and residentially.  With the  lower costs of manufactured stone, and it being more user friendly; new customers are using stone in projects never conceived of before.  Basically, people can find the stone that fits their particular need and style.

With Kodiak Mountain Stone; we have innovative materials, coloring pigments and concrete  that is molded and manufactured to make it look real and natural.  Only people with an intimate knowledge of stone work and a great eye for detail can tell the subtle differences between natural and Kodiak Mountain Stone; which creates more of an appeal with prices being significantly less.  Our stone also allows us to use technology; incorporating things like longer durability, stain resistance than some natural stone.  The actual molding process is inspired by nature; which makes Kodiak Mountain Stone look so real.


While many people have been deterred by the fact it is not natural stone, we have perfected our techniques and people ask all the time… is that real?  The cost savings by using our manufactured stone allow you to get the look and feel of natural stone without the pocket book burden.  Manufactured stone is being welcomed into all different kinds of projects both commercial and residential.  The material is lighter, more durable, consistent, cheaper and gives the same effect as natural stone including beauty and integrity that will last for years.

We would love the opportunity of showing you our manufactured stone products in any of our showrooms or even online at http://www.kodiakmountain.com  Along with manufactured stone Kodiak Mountain Stone also supplies Natural Stone, Brick, Stucco and Lightweight Concrete fencing.

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Since necessity is the mother of invention; manufactured stone has to thank natural stone for its’ inception. Due to the weight and expense of natural stone there was a need for an alternative to it which resulted in people figuring out that for half the price and a third the weight a similar looking product could be man made and mass produced.

Many customers have a difficult time figuring which product they want and it is a tough decision for your project but there are many factors involved including time, budget and long term benefits. Kodiak Mountain Stone supplies both products and definitely has the right product for your next project.


Natural Stone is an Outstanding Building Material

Natural Stone is both practical and durable, and can be produced in almost any shape or form. But unlike comparable products, stone will age like the things around us but never date. A suitable natural stone is available for virtually any requirement imposed on a building material.

Stone is quarried in large blocks and cut to the desired size in a factory usually adjacent to the quarry. The size of the natural stone slabs is limited only by the size of the rough blocks and not by standard dimensions specified by production. The sizes can be adapted individually to meet planning requirements. Any desired shape can be provided, not only square or rectangular slabs. Modern processing machines allow inlay work in natural stone. The variety of the stone and the individual processing and design possibilities constitute the uniqueness of the building material.
Interesting light and shade effects can be created by milling grooves and flutings in the stone surfaces. Such processed slabs radiate strength and solidity when mounted on a facade. Solid components like mouldings, frames and pillars ad permanence to any structure.

Natural stone has very good thermal conductivity and a large heat storage capacity. Natural stone as facade material absorbs the heat radiated by the sun and prevents unwanted heating up of the building.
Natural stone as a building material is found naturally in virtually finished form. No energy is needed for its actual manufacture

  • As a natural building material natural stone contains no pollutants that are damaging to the health.
  • Natural stone can be used safely in food areas. It is incombustible and is a Class A building material
  • Natural Stone ages well; whereas many building materials become unsightly in the course of the years,
  • Natural stone can also be cleaned easily and cheaply
  • The lifetime of natural stone is extremely long
  • Natural stone is attractively priced; if you compare it to man-produced materials over longevity it is priced very well
  • Natural stone is durable

Kodiak Mountain Stone can show you our lines of Natural Stone and point you in the right direction or finding the right stone for your project. We feature Slimrock and other Natural products that can enhance your next project.


Manufactured Stone Is a Great Alternative

Architectural stone, also known as “man-made stone” or “manufactured stone,” is rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative to naturally occurring stone for a variety of reasons, such as:


  • Architectural stone provides the same authentic look as natural stone, but because it can be mass produced, it does so regardless of nature’s supply.
  • Consistency; color and appearance will remain consistent without randomness of Natural Stone

Environmental Sensitivity

  • Your home or business will look great without depleting or eroding the environment.

Price Point

  • Mass produced architectural stone is generally less expensive than natural stone, which has to be hand-picked one rock at a time with consistent quality.


  • Remarkably lighter and much less awkward than natural stone, architectural stone is specifically designed to arrange easily, and stick in place permanently.


The true benefits of either product are only realized through the final product and what you prefer. Costs, installation time and weight all have to be factors as well as the final appearance. Whatever your choice; both products have their advantages to your project and Kodiak Mountain Stone has availability and selection to help fulfill your needs.

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Sometimes certain words or people are  synonymous with one another.  We can think of people like Sonny and Cher; Donny and Marie and things like Peanut Butter and Jelly or Fruits and Vegetables.  With finishing the exterior we can do the exact thing when it comes to Stone and Stucco.  Stone and Stucco can compliment each other in texture, color and over-all appearance.  Some people like to to contrast the two to bring out subtitles while other installers like to bring them together for an overall balanced look.  When done properly Stucco and Stone can be combined to be very effective in an overall presentation.


Ready Stack Walnut with Stucco and Natural Stone Retaining walls

Kodiak Mountain Stone is an exclusive supplier of Master Wall Stucco products that can be applied to virtually any surface which gives you a nice base to work from and by adding one of our stone products that are natural or manufactured, Stone can be the perfect accent for your project.  We are very unique in that we can Tint your stucco to the color that you want.  If there is a color that you want; we can usually match it so that you get the effect you are looking for by utilizing color and finish.  Usually Stucco comes in an array of muted colors but with us being able to tint it to your specifications; it creates a base to work with so that you can match stone to it.  The stone can add some flavor to the look by picking out subtleties in the stones texture or color that will suit your particular taste.  Many people pick their stucco color and bring a swatch to compare to the stone to make sure it gives them the appearance they are looking for.  Another way to see how this will look is to take a picture of your home; and print out the picture and draw in where you want the stone and the stucco so you have an overall impression.  We at Kodiak Mountain Stone can also provide you with sample boards to take back to your project to see if the style and color of the Stone will complement the look.


Stone and Stucco combination Ready Stack Glacier

Many people like to use our Ready Stack Almond Buff as their stone choice to complement their Stucco.  Its a style and color that virtually goes with everything and has the right tones and hues that go with the most popular stucco colors.  Our Southern Hackett Granite goes beautiful with the darker Stucco colors and offers a measure of contrast or relief from Dark tones.

Kodiak Mountain Stone can quote your entire stone and stucco project and give you ideas on finishes and styles to make your next project look great!!!

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